Batman: Arkham Knight is pretty darn broken for most PC gamers. The title jutters like mad, and some have even reported that its framerate falls all the way down to five per second. Five.

As such, it’s been pulled from services like Steam until it’s fixed. The good news? Rocksteady is okay with this, as they should be.

Game Director and Co-founder of Rocksteady Sefton Hill took to Twitter to tell gamers that his studio is hard at work with another patch to fix the issues, though this much we’ve known.

Hill then fired this one off late Thursday night regarding the halt of sales and what they’re doing about it.

Not all PC users are experiencing extreme problems with Batman: Arkham Knight, for what it’s worth. However, I’d wager a majority of players have at least some detrimental issue going on with the game.

It currently boasts a five out of 10 on Steam.

We’ll have more on Batman: Arkham Knight as it comes.