Sometimes we report on rumors because they're pretty credible. Other times, we're just trying to will them into existence. The latter is especially the case following new word on what Batman: Arkham studio Rocksteady may or may not be working on.

Get ready and please, take this with as many grains of salt as your doctor recommends:

Rumors have resurfaced pointing to the company working on a game starring Superman. A user on the ResetEra forums noticed an entry on the site Game System Requirements for a game titled Superman: World's Finest. Something of note here is the idea that the site is moderated and other games people are trying to will into existence – Bloodborne 2, Half-Life 3, Grand Theft Auto VI – do not appear on the site, while this game remains posted. Also of note is that Devil May Cry 5 appeared on the site about a month before the game was officially announced.

First rumors of the game hit before E3 earlier this year, which featured the first appearance of the World's Finest title. The leaker said that the game features Superman, Batman, and Robin as playable characters, and that the game is once again open-world, with real-time activities like crimes to stop (or not get to in time).

Let's give this one a fifty-fifty. Game System Requirements isn't gospel, but it seems to be moderated. Rocksteady hasn't announced anything in a long, long while, but has been hiring for a "AAA title on the next-generation platforms." This studio is WB-owned, too, and the Batman: Arkham games were hugely successful. It'd sure make sense to put the studio on another big-name DC superhero.

Superman is a hard nut to crack as far as a superhero game goes. Batman and Spider-Man make sense because their abilities are, while incredible, within the realm of human perception. Making the player feel as fast as The Flash (while still having a reasonably-sized game world), as strong as Superman (without making it a chaotic destruction game or an easy-mode game), or as imaginative as Green Lantern is supremely difficult. A game following Green Arrow, Iron Man, or other "extraordinary human" heroes is more about making the game fun.

The last thing fueling this rumor is the upcoming Game Awards, which are just around the corner. Showrunner Geoff Keighley has promised 10 game reveals. That's 10 games that we don't have official confirmation of, that we haven't seen. A game like this appearing there would make sense – it's not a console-exclusive title, and it would probably do well out of the E3 limelight.

But for now, go back up and look at all that salt, and remember this is just an admittedly super interesting rumor.