The developers behind this spring's Max Payne 3 are suddenly finding themselves without jobs. Fortunately, they've already got some new opportunities lined up. As Take-Two Interactive closes its Vancouver-based office, offers have gone out to all 35 employees of the studio to move to the expanding Rockstar Toronto in Ontario, Canada.

According to Take-Two's press release, the expansion is supported by the Ontario government, and they plan to add as many as 50 new positions to the studio, according to Vice President of Publishing and Operations at Rockstar Games, Jennifer Kolbe. The support from the government in the form of "financial support and tax incentives" is likely the primary reason for forcing a move, rather than just leaving the studio where it is.

With so many studio closings the last few years, some especially messy (Check out Leigh Alexander's piece on Homefront developer Kaos), it's relieving to see a studio making an effort to keep good employees.

While Max Payne 3 suffered on shelves, it did well with critics. It's one of the best-looking games this year on consoles and PCs alike. Even if the game doesn't garner the sales it deserves, at least we'll get to see more work from the people behind it.

[via Take-Two Interactive]