One of gaming’s biggest publishers – if not the most prolific, then certainly one of the most profitable – has a big presence planned for E3 this year.

Take Two, the publishing house that owns studios like 2K games and Grand Theft Auto dev Rockstar games, is not in the habit of revealing things before they’re ready. We know they have Mafia III on the way from Hangar 13, as well as Battleborn from Gearbox. What else could be coming? We don’t really know.

In an interview with MCV, though, Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said Take Two “will be there in a big way.”

Again, most of what that presence will be is a mystery. Mafia III certainly will make a big showing, but the few things we know about from Take Two aren’t enough to make for a big showing. Hopefully this means something fresh from Rockstar, like Grand Theft Auto V expansions, the long-awaited Red Dead game, or something equally big.