Rockman Xover (1)

Capcom's free-to-play nightmare is finally coming to an end. The much maligned Rockman Xover mobile game will be closing down at the end of the month on March 31, and for once, I have no problem seeing a game being erased from existence.

Rockman Xover was released at a time when tensions between Capcom and Mega Man fans couldn't have been any higher. Several solid looking Mega Man games had either been canceled or failed to even enter development, and Rockman Xover's announcement confirmed the worst fears of the fanbase. Capcom was using the Blue Bomber to break into the mobile market.

It's unknown how much of a success Rockman Xover proved to be for Capcom over the last two years, but it has announced no follow-ups and no other original mobile Mega Man games since it first went live. Perhaps it wasn't the successful cash-in executives were hoping for, and my guess is Capcom is just as eager to move on from the title as its fans are.

What's next for Mega Man? I have no idea just yet. I would hope that Capcom continues with the Powered Up initiative to remake the original games. The modern digital market is a far better place for the idea to thrive than with PSP UMDs. Maybe Rockman Xover's revenue can be put to good use and secure the voice acting rights to Mega Man Legends, securing a PSN release.

Either that or how about we just straight up make Mega Man 11 with a new HD look to mark a new chapter in the Blue Bomber's life?