MakerBot Mixtape2

Mixtapes are a lost art. So much more than just music playlists, they were once a touchstone for an entire generation. When people took their angst or heart-filled emotions and put them into a carefully curated collection of songs, the resulting cassette was a form of expression that spoke volumes about the creator's feelings.

You could try to duplicate the experience with an iTunes playlist or a CD, but it's just not the same. MakerBot, however, hopes its new Mixtape kit can step in and fill the gap.

Users of the company's 3D printer will be able to replicate their own "mixtape" MP3 player for just $25. The plans are available on, and the kit includes all the other hardware you'll need, including 2GB drive, a 4-hour battery, music nav buttons for play/pause/skip/etc, headphone jack and USB cable.

No 3D printer? No problem. You can buy a ready-made Mixtape for $39, or hit up MakerBot's Facebook page, where the company will hold a daily drawing for pre-made ones from now until August 8th. (To participate, upload a pic of yourself with a sign that reads, "Make Me A Mixtape!")

[via MakerBot]