Rocket League, the surprise hit from Psyonix, is one of the most entertaining, unique multiplayer games around. For multiplayer to work, you need a big audience, and that’s the Xbox One’s biggest hurdle for getting players into the game right now. Well, it was.

Microsoft has announced that, as of 6:00 p.m. EST yesterday, Xbox One players will now be matched up not with just their Xbox Live brethren, but with PC gamers as well, giving the potential playerbase a huge bump. With something like 3 million owners of the game on PC (according to SteamSpy) compared to the over 1 million on Xbox One, we’re talking about quadrupling the number of potential opponents.

PlayStation 4 players can also play with PC players, but currently Xbox and PlayStation won’t work together. Sony hasn’t said they’re willing to open up PlayStation Network like Microsoft has, but when you’re selling systems as fast as you can make them it’s not exactly a necessity. It would be a net benefit for players, though, and would go well with the customer-first attitude Sony’s taken this generation, so hopefully the two companies are in active talks to make it work.

For now, though, Xbox One players of Rocket League can look forward to a much bigger batch of players to face off against.