Well, it’s free again, though this is for a shorter time and only serves as a trial. Rocket League is part of the free Steam weekend. It’s completely free to download and try until the weekend’s over. If you pick up the game (and some of the DLC, if you like), you’ll save 30 percent off of the standard price. That brings this $19.99 game down to $13.99.

Rocket League is the ultimate time-waster

If you’ve never played this game and you have a decent PC and gamepad, give it a crack. Rocket League is the type of title that deceptively steals hours from your life. You might sink half a day into this thing before you even realize it.

And $13.99 for the full title before it’s all over? That’s a solid price for a game that’s routinely updated with content while remaining endlessly playable.