Rocket League is soaring high as the biggest indie hit of the year, and it might even break the ranks and score a few Game of the Year nominations at this point. The surprise smash has been so successful and so popular that even Honest Trailers can’t find that many things to complain about.

The writers at Smosh Games have been well known for decimating even the most popular games, but what’s the most it can come up with here? The previous game had more content? Too bad nobody played it to know that or else it might be an issue.

Outside of that, it’s mostly jabs at the community, claiming that the way of lot of them play resembles children playing soccer and calling them out for quitting and having scrawny nerd bodies that can’t play real sports. Hardly the game’s fault.

Rocket League is a ton of fun, and because it’s such a minimalist masterpiece, there isn’t enough content to really laugh at. Maybe that is the way to success on the modern video game market. Don’t overload your game with forgettable or laughable content, focus on one simple premise and hope for the best.