Rocket League is set to receive a substantial update this June, most of it free and some of it paid. It's called Neo Tokyo, and it features a brand new stadium, cars and a bunch of actual game updates.

We'll start with the stadium, seen in the trailer above. This Neo Tokyo locale looks like a standard shaped course, but the backdrop is unlike anything going right now in Rocket League. It's undeniably cool, and I sort of wish we could break out of the stadium and cruise around the city. This stadium will be free, and it drops on June 20.

In addition to the new stadium, Psyonix announced two new cars. You can see those in the trailer as well, but here they are once more. Their names are Esper and Masamune, and they're the paid bit of this update.

As for the in-game updates? Psyonix announced that through June and July we'll get new Trophies and Achievements, new items, a new item drop system, a new experimental arena, new quick-chat options and even the ability for teams to celebrate after a big wine for those showboats out there.

Pretty nifty update, if you ask me. Like I needed another excuse to boot up Rocket League, ha!