Man! It’s only Thursday, don’t get my weekend hopes up like this, Psyonix. Rocket League is free this weekend on Xbox One for Gold subscribers. The promo comes as Psyonix celebrates its one-year anniversary on the platform.

Has it been a year already? Wow.

Rocket League is up for download on the Xbox One right now. It’ll be free to play until 11:59 p.m. PT on February 20. If you want to keep the soccer car action going, you can scoop the game up for $14.99 during the promo weekend; that’s 25% off the standard price.

Rocket League is doing well enough to float a solid cost

I’m not really saying that $14.99 is a lot for this game. It’s not, Rocket League is well worth the standard $20 price of entry.

However, most games this far along in their life, especially ones as “small” as Rocket League, are pretty cheap. This game hit the PS4 and PC in the summer of 2015. It’s still floating around its full launch price.

That’s a great indicator of its success. Kudos, Psyonix, the game is still awesome.