Psyonix, the company behind the massively successful Rocket League, is looking to do other things. Speaking with Game Informer in the magazine’s latest issue, CEO Dave Hagewood explained that there’s a “massive backlog” of ideas the company is hoping to explore.

Of course, they’re “all-in” on Rocket League. They’ll support that game as long as they can. But what about the other stuff they want to make?

“We have this massive backlog of really awesome things…We’re trying to do this hybrid approach now where we put everything we can back into Rocket League, but are also developing new projects, new exciting things, that we we hope to reveal at some point.”

Hagewood continues, citing the size of Pysonix.

“We’re definitely all in on Rocket League, but we have a pretty large team, actually, compared to what it took us to build Rocket League in the first place… It’s more than what we actually need to be all in on Rocket League, to do almost everything we want to do to continue Rocket League. We do want Rocket League to be this base that kind of replaces that contract work revenue that kept us stable for so long.”

Psyonix has been tapped to help other studios make their games before, so this studio can do more than Rocket League. I’m genuinely curious to see what these new ideas look like.