Playing Rocket League on your PlayStation 4 against someone on an Xbox One is just a button-press away. Despite developer Psyonix having done the work to get such a thing ready, though, Sony holds the key to the whole thing. Speaking to Engadget, Psyonix boss Jeremy Dunham said the developer isn’t giving up, though.

Dunham told Engadget that someone from his team, at least one person, has been in contact with Sony “every single day.” Each time they bring up cross-platform multiplayer, however, they get a variation on a very similar answer. “Not right now,” or “It’s something we’ll consider.” The kinds of answers a parent gives when you ask them to take you to McDonald’s or buy a new G.I. Joe toy.

Smaller games needcross-platform play

Dunham said that Nintendo jumped on the bandwagon almost immediately. While Microsoft took a bit longer, the company was enthusiastic about the prospect as well. The studio has tested cross-network play internally between Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and Dunham says it needs to happen eventually for the health of their game and so many others. While games like Call of Duty have no problem gathering player bases due to their sheer size, a game like Rocket League is smaller and needs access to all those different kinds of audiences. Games can often only afford one console, and it isn’t always up to them which they get. Cross-platform play takes care of that. On top of the need for a sustainable audience, Psyonix isn’t interested in making Rocket League 2. They just want to keep supporting and improving the original.

So far, Sony has only allowed cross-platform play with PC. Dunham said that he considers not allowing this a competitive disadvantage for Sony. If you’re the only one holding out, it’s a bad look, and could be one of a list of reasons people might look to other platforms.

Psyonix is in contact with Sony every day, and it sounds like gamers need to be, too, to convince Sony that this is worth their while. Meanwhile, you’ll soon be able to play Rocket League and Minecraft with players on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Just not PlayStation 4.