Breaking out of the bounds of a game always feels a little naughty, but it never stops being fun. You get a chance to see a bit of how a game was built and what the creators of the game expected you to see. Once in a while you might even catch something that was scrapped for whatever reason.

The world of Rocket League is pretty tiny, and we would’ve never guessed how just how much lay outside until Redditor UncomfortableNPC managed to break through the confines of the arena. Surrounding the Wasteland arena are all kinds of unfinished structures that you can’t see from within the arena itself. Why are they there? Are they leftovers from planned backdrops? Were more arenas planned and scrapped?

I don’t know why, but seeing the wrong side of scenery like this has always made me feel a little weird. Like I’m suddenly a character in the Truman Show, and something’s just not right. But this admittedly has me curious about whatever fiction developer Psyonix has created to explain why these cars are rocketing around these bizarre landscapes, endlessly competing with explosives.