It’s safe to say that Rocket League is officially huge. The blend of soccer/football and RC car racing with rocket boosters has been on my mind for weeks now, and I’d say a lot of other gamers would offer the same thing.

Since it released on July 7 for the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms, Rocket League has been downloaded five million times. That news comes from the game’s official Twitter account.

Rocket League sells for $19.99 on the PC, but it was offered up as one of July’s PlayStation Plus games on the PlayStation 4. You can still snap it up on that platform if you’re a PS Plus subscriber, by the way. You have until the store updates next Tuesday.

That five million marker is actually double what the original game sold over its entire lifespan. That’s right, before Rocket League was Psyonix Studios Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. Yeah, I think Rocket League is a better name.

Have you been one of the five million to download the game? I’ve been streaming it daily since launch on our Twitch channel. That’s how much fun I’ve been having with it.