There's a time for easy listening…and there's a time for getting pumped up. When you're feeling more of the latter, the Skullcandy Crusher Headphones have you covered

These stellar headphones come loaded with Supreme Sound technology and patent-pending bass extension drivers, which lets you feel a thumping bassline in any track you flip on. And the included REX40 driver makes sure there's always a smooth frequency response with minimal distortion, so you get to hear songs as they were meant to be.

Not in the mood for pounding audio? Use the bass slider to customize your sound precisely for the moment. And regardless of what you're listening to, you'll want to wear these headphones all day long: they're lightweight, comfortable, and won't squeeze your head too overzealously like other clunkier headsets do.

Dive into a truly visceral listening experience no matter where you go: grab the Skullcandy Crusher Headphones for just $67.99, marked down from $99.99.