Rock Band

According to a report from Bloomberg, a new Rock Band game is in development.

A “person familiar with the plan” told the financial publication that Harmonix is working on a new version of its music game for the current generation of consoles, the first since 2012 (if you’re counting Rock Band Blitz).

There are a few things giving some credence to this rumor. The first is the company’s release this week of two new tracks for Rock Band that both are along the theme of things coming back. In December, the company also posted 11 new positions for hire, suggesting that it’s gearing up for something.

Yesterday, though, webcomic Penny Arcade revealed the pins that will be available for trade at their upcoming PAX East convention. One of those pins is from Harmonix, but is currently only represented by a question mark.

Even if it’s somehow not Rock Band, the Boston-based developer is definitely getting ready to announce something.

Bloomberg talked to an analyst about the history of music games, with their meteoric rise and fast fall from grace. Analyst Doug Creutz of Cowen & Co. said that he doesn’t think we’ll see a “big revival of the plastic instrument trend.” If Harmonix is getting ready to reveal a new Rock Band, though, it would be even more surprising if it didn’t make use of those instruments. That’s where a lot of the nostalgia lies. If it can release some sort of dongle to make the wireless devices compatible with current consoles, that would win them a lot of points.

We’re sure to see whatever Harmonix is getting ready at PAX East two weeks from now.