Harmonix started a Fig campaign to bring Rock Band 4 to the PC platform. They set a goal of $1.5 million.

The campaign has roughly 14 hours left, at the time of drafting this post, and it’s not even half way to its goal. It sits at $719,000 earned through crowdfunding.

Fig is unique, too. Unlike Kickstarter, Fig allows for both pledges (which are like basic backers) and investments. Investments mean that some profit is shared if the game succeeds. Rock Band 4 has only $179k in pledges, while it sits with $549k in investments. That tells me that fan excitement is a lot lower for this than Harmonix expected.

This could have been a big deal. I suppose it still could be if Harmonix either extends the campaign or earns enough in a really short time. The company had a plan to let users upload their own Rock Band tracks for play on Steam, adding an interesting user generation to the experience that’s never been there before.

As of now, though, they’re a long way from seeing enough green to bring Rock Band 4 to the PC.