Rock Band 4 - 2

The plastic instruments that will go on sale alongside Rock Band 4 later this year won't have any new features that differentiate them from the ones many of us have stored in our closets, aside from a built-in ability to connect to the new consoles, according to a report in EDGE magazine. They'll even look the same, thanks to Harmonix's on-going deal with Fender. But that's not a bad thing.

Harmonix realizes that the growing pile of toys is part of what killed off the music game genre so quickly. To that effect, Harmonix reiterates that it intends to make the new game, if Microsoft and Sony will play along, compatible with the instruments already in gamers' closets. The only instrument that won't make its way out of the closet is Rock Band 3's keytar, which will not be supported in Rock Band 4 even if the songs from that game end up in our libraries.

Harmonix doesn't yet have confirmation either way on the compatibility of the existing instruments, but the decision to keep the new instruments simple and straightforward shows that the team is doing everything it can to ensure their fans are respected.

Rock Band 4 is set to release this fall for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.