If there was a question of whether Rock Band could survive in the new generation, that it shows up in the 10 best-selling games for October should offer an answer. With that in mind, plenty of people should be looking forward to the Rock Band 4‘s first patch, set for Dec. 8.

A number of bug fixes will be part of the patch, including fixes for the way packs and albums display on Xbox One and problems on PlayStation 4 for people with 2000 friends.

A list of new features will go in, though, that should please quite a few players – including quite a few focused on the game’s competitive elements.

Score challenge features emphasize the social side of the game, with a taunt system and an activity feed to make scoring more competitive than it has been for the game’s most dedicated players, and more details will be tracked and displayed by the game. Variable breakneck speed is one of the most requested features by those fans, and will be included in this update as well.

For the more casual players, new items will head to the game’s Rock Shop, “including one that celebrates a recent (and very awesome) game launch from a studio that we love.” Presumably that means Fallout 4 gear, and that’s awesome.

Lastly, though, is Auto-kick mode. I love drumming and can handle some fairly complex rhythms, but the kick drum always messes me up. Now I can flip on this mode and enjoy the drums without the frustration the kick pedal causes.

The team also has a “few surprises” left, including a new gameplay mode, and the Rock Band 3 track pack should be coming around this time as well, presumably. The game will get monthly updates moving forward that add in features both new and old.