In a world where smartphones are becoming more than just tech tools, but works of art — complete with stunning glass panels and well-machined parts — Samsung's commitment to plasticky, lightweight form factors may seem curious. Cheaper to produce, yes, but it also means users don't have to lug a heavy brick around, which some people still appreciate.

Oh but for some, there may be some lingering fears over build quality and durability, especially when you're talking about a high-priced smartphone. Well, Samsung hears that loud and clear. So to address any worries about ruggedness, the South Korean company has issued a video featuring some of the stress tests it puts devices through, including QA on the hardware home button (pelting with more than 200,000 presses), flex testing, water testing and one interesting real-world usage case scenario — the good old-fashioned butt dial. The engineers built  their own robotic backside, slapped some blue jeans on it and watched as the mechanized derriere unceremoniously sat that on a Galaxy S III over and over again.*

Oh, the punishment! If you get squeamish watching tech torture, then I urge you look away. For everyone else, hit play on the vid to watch Samsung freak this device for yourself. (The actual testing starts at 0:59.) And don't be put off if you don't know Korean. In this case, actions speak louder than words.

Does this video ease any concerns you may have over Samsung's build quality?

[Via Engadget]

*Big ups to eagle-eyed TB reader Jas: That does indeed look like a Galaxy Note II in some of these tests, while others feature a Galaxy S III. Thanks for noting!