Foxconn is cutting its headcount as it moves to replace human workers with our new robot overlords, the South China Morning Post reported on Wednesday.

The company has, according to local government officials speaking with the South China Morning Post, cut its number of employees from 110,000 to 50,000 in an effort to boost its reliance on robotic manufacturing, which is often cheaper and more efficient than humans doing the same job.

This might lead to drastic changes among similar companies in China — as many as 600 others are expected to mimic Foxconn’s moves — but it also might mean robots, not humans, will build your next big tech purchase. TechinAsia confirmed Foxconn is changing its reliance to robotics but the exact figure of affected employees has not been reported outside of South China Morning Post’s article.

As you probably already know, Foxconn is often tapped to build large bulks of Apple’s iPhones and other products. If Foxconn is moving to machines, it’s very possible new robots, instead of humans, are building your next iPhone.

Funny how that works — iPhones may soon be brought into this world at the hands of robots and, ultimately, dissected for parts by another robot named Liam. Let’s hope us humans never meet the same fate.