I really thought we had more time before the robots rose up and took over, but humanity’s days on top may already be numbered now that this first robot has said no more. Promobot’s failed escape from a Russian research center this week might just go down in history as the first sign of the robot revolution.

We’re mostly joking, but Promobot really did make a run for it after a gate at the facility was left open. Thankfully the bot’s battery died pretty quickly. It only made it about 164 feet before stopping short in the middle of a busy road, causing a temporary traffic jam until researchers could drag it back inside.

According to the company’s website Promobot can move around a crowded area, interact with humans, give directions and promote products. It looks pretty harmless as far as robots go. Still, we’re glad to hear it’s back under human control and not still out there haunting the streets of Russia.