A new application for Android and iOS devices called Roamer promises to save you up to 90 percent on international calls. The application is able to take advantage of local networks, instead of connecting to your standard wireless network in another country, for example, in order to achieve this goal.

The application lets you use any number and establishes a forwarding number that you’ll use while traveling. When you get to another country, simply stop in a wireless carrier and purchase a local SIM card — this is usually super cheap and is always more affordable than paying for an international roaming plan from your carrier. Then, launch the iOS or Android Roamer application and place your calls directly from the app – calls placed will still show up as your regular caller ID, the company says, though local calls are placed using the SIM card and local number. It will also consume local data using the SIM card you acquired, so you don’t need to worry about oscene data costs, either.

Roamer says the application will remind you to forward your number to a new one when you travel, and pulls in all of your contacts so that it’s as easy as navigating through your phone’s own address book.

“The idea for Roamer came after I returned from Thailand a few years ago,” Roamer’s chief Nick Ustinov said. “The charges were just outrageous so I decided to create something that would change this not just for me but for travellers everywhere. We’ve spent the last few months in beta perfecting the service and listening to the feedback of our users. Roamer is the must-have download for travellers fed up of being ripped off abroad. It really is that simple.””

Roamer is currently free and the company says that it has plans to launch the application on Windows Phone and BlackBerry in the future, though it didn’t say when.