River City Ransom: Underground is still in development nearly 3 years after it succeeded on Kickstarter. It survived a scare when the franchise swapped owners, and, despite some impatience from the backers, studio Conatus Creative has gone all out to do the original justice.

This is more than a silly throwback where guys say "BARF!" after getting punched. Conatus Creative has put together an excellent combat system where players can be creative with their combos and attacks. Enemies can even be juggled to death, never once hitting the ground with proper timing. Some call that broken, but I say it's broken in all the best ways.

These combos in River City Ransom: Underground's latest trailer were done by early adopters and backers in an early build, and Conatus claims that the final product will "certainly feature many more playable characters and enemies."

Probably one of the most satisfying moments for any game creator is to observe people playing the game and coming up with new and unexpected ways to play it. So today we want to show off some of the creativity of preview backers metaphist and John Grimm, who produced some awe-inspiring combos using the preview's four available fighters.

River City Random: Underground is an officially licensed and canonical sequel to the original American release, but it is not considered part of the Japanese Kunio-kun series. It is expected to release for the PC in Q1 2016, which is now here. Franchise owner Arc System Works is currently working on its own "renewal" of the Japanese version of game.