River City Ransom SP

Arc System Works has confirmed that it is working on a “renewal” of the NES classic, River City Ransom, for the Nintendo 3DS. The news comes as a celebration for the franchise’s 30th anniversary next year.

River City Ransom SP is not being called a “remake,” because it will retain the same look and much of the same style. However, it will have new fighting styles, new story events, and new areas to beat-up rival gangs in. Arc System Works also says that progression through the game will be made in a new way.

The game is 65 percent complete with its development, and it will be released in Japan on April 28. The last time River City Ransom had a remake, it was on the Game Boy Advance, and Atlus stepped in to publish it. Hopefully, the company sees the same interest in this latest version as well. Or someone does.

And just to point out, the officially sanctioned fan sequel River City Ransom: Underground is still happening and is also scheduled to release in Q1 2016.