River City Ransom

Remember River City Ransom? The sprites in that classic NES brawler were part of the Kunio-kun line of characters who played roles in classics like Super Dodge Ball and River City Soccer Hooligans. They, for a slice of gamers out there, defined an age of gaming.

Combit Studios has announced that they are in the process of creating a River City Ransom sequel for the PC platform. It will release in 2014, and the studio is considering additional platforms.

The Combit Studios blog post that announces their turn with the River City Ransom license also delivers a little bit of a history lesson for the franchise. In particular, they note what happened to the River City Ransom 2 title that was supposed to be made by a Japanese studio a few years back.

In March 2011, Miracle Kidz, a game development studio in Japan created by the original kunio-kun developers, announced Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari 2 (ダウンタウン熱血物語2) for WiiWare. Finally, the series would see an official sequel! The fate of that release has yet to be determined, with MiracleKidz giving notice on their blog in October 2012, that they had suspended the project indefinitely.

Combit Studios has taken the reins. While they are not titling the game River City Ransom 2, they have promised to work with Million, the devs behind the 2005 Game Boy Advance Port, in order to ensure that their version of the game meets the spirit of the original perfectly.

If you owned an NES and you regularly rocked couch cooperative play in gaming, then you likely remember and love River City Ransom. News of a PC based sequel is huge, and we'll be following this one closely.