We heard rumors back in November that Arc System Works was working on a new entry in the Kunio-kun series; better known over here as River City Ransom. Now they’re back, but not where we could’ve ever expected.

Coming to Japan’s Nintendo eShop later this month is Hot-Blooded Magic Story, a fantasy RPG.

The iconic 8-bit characters of River City Ransom have appeared in tons of games across just about every Nintendo system over the years, including Super Dodgeball, Nintendo World Cup, and a number of games in the River City series.

According to Siliconera, Kunio takes on the role of a legendary hero, with his friends as a warrior, a knight and a mage. The game features 40 skills, loot like a Ghost Sword and a Pig-Headed Old Man’s Cane, and over 100 quests.

The game is set for an April 30 release for the equivalent of just under $10. As a longtime fan of both River City Ransom and the classic Kunio-kun characters themselves, I hope this gets a US release.