Street Fighter champion and former Capcom employee Seth Killian has returned to the video game scene with a promising indie title called Rising Thunder. The project will be handled by Killian as well as Radiant Entertainment, an indie studio founded by Tom and Tony Cannon, the creators of EVO Championship Series and Shoryuken.

Street Fighter champs, Capcom employees, founders of the most popular fighting game tournament and fighting game enthusiast websites. Sounds like these guys know what they are doing. What exactly makes Rising Thunder so promising? Well, the purpose behind this game is to streamline the fighting game genre, making it accessible for anyone who doesn't want to spend time grinding away at learning combos or memorizing complex commands.

In theory, anyone can become proficient at playing Rising Thunder with a fair amount of practice Killian explains in an interview with Kotaku.

"When you look at the essence of fighting games, the core elements of the game – not the upper-level, really-advanced-player stuff – is locked behind this huge execution wall," he says.

"You have to grind, basically for six months. Depending on your level of natural dexterity, free time and things like that, you're looking at one month, six months, a year to just become totally proficient with the basic moves of the game. Fireballs, uppercuts, that kind of thing. Basically, at that point, once you become proficient at those kinds of things, then, now, you are playing fighting games.

It doesn't mean that you're actually good at fighting games."

Rising Thunder will be a PC exclusive designed to focus solely on online play. It is a free-to-play title, but transactions will be available only for cosmetic purposes. Sounds like a worthy purpose. Rising Thunder has my attention, and hopefully it will have yours too.