Rise of the Triad is a revival of the original game released in 1995, and the developers at Interceptor Entertainment are trying their best to remind us how amazing and over-the-top first-person shooters were before they devolved into a singular mass of modern-day warfare glory.

Apogee has released 18 minutes of gameplay straight from the game's multiplayer, and it is glorious. Fast and frantic action straight from the Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament days, it's as far removed from the modern day formula of squad tactics and grounded combat as a series can get.

They even refer to the ability to hold two pistols as JohnWoo, just to show how serious they are about not taking themselves seriously.

We often hear about that one first-person shooter which is destined to revive the classic FPS style, but they always come up short, sticking to too many modern day cliches. Bulletstorm comes to mind. Of all the releases in recent years though, this is the game which has the highest possibility of doing so, and it feels fitting that it should be coming from a classic publisher like Apogee. Let's just hope the game is a hit.

No official release date has been announced yet, but it was most recently rumored to become available in Q1 2013. Since that has passed, keep an eye out on Steam or for any other updates.