Whether you’re playing one game or 10 this holiday season, budgeting time is part of that equation. Some of us have kids to take care of, some of us have, like, real lives? Whatever, guys. Others just want to know how the dollars-to-hours equation is going to work out. Either way, having a rough idea of how much time we’ll need isn’t a bad thing.

Speaking with Pixel Vulture, lead designer on Rise of the Tomb Raider Mike Brinker talked about how many game hours we can expect to wring out of Lara Croft’s latest adventure.

“Expect to spend around 30-40 hours getting everything done. This is gathering every weapon, ability and completing every side quest,” Brinker said. “Expect double the playtime collecting everything and exploring every secret tomb.”

“In terms of scale,” Brinker says, ” all our hub spaces, the areas that allow you to explore and choose your own way to play, have been increased by three times the size.”

2013’s Tomb Raider packed about 11 hours of play for the average gamer according to Howlongtobeat.com, so Rise of the Tomb Raider looks to be at least a few hours longer.

Rise of the Tomb Raider releases on Nov. 10 for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, with PC and PlayStation 4 releasing next year

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