The official Tomb Raider Twitter teased this weekend that we should mark our calendars for something big on June 1. That something, it appears, is a new cinematic trailer hyping Rise of the Tomb Raider‘s E3 showing.

This is a purely cinematic trailer, though, so don’t expect any gameplay footage. With the game set to release this holiday season, we can expect E3 and Gamescom to have some extended gameplay footage.

This trailer, however, has Lara Croft telling us what drives her to keep putting herself into life-threatening situations. We see her climbing a ice-covered cliff face, eventually arriving at the entrance to a tomb before we’re encouraged to watch the world premiere on June 15.

The good news is that the game is still, according to the trailer, slated for release this holiday season, meaning development is still on track. The game will come out exclusively on Xbox One and Xbox 360 this year (with other platforms likely to follow) later this year.