I generally tell people to avoid these retailer specific pre-order DLC packs, but GameStop’s incoming one for Rise of the Tomb Raider is something I can’t speak out against. Why not? Because it has exploding chicken bombs!

Available only at GameStop, the “Holy Fire Card Pack,” part of the Apex Predator Pre-order Pack, adds five magical powers to Lara’s arsenal, most of which revolve around the element of fire. First up, the “Blazing Inferno” ability grants Lara an unlimited supply of fire arrows. Plenty of silent, burning headshots to go around.

Another fun one is “Backfire,” which randomly causes enemies to burst into flames if they land a melee attack on Lara. Likewise, the “Holy Fire” ability will cause enemies to explode when they are killed by a melee strike, catching anybody standing by them in the blast.

And then there are the chicken bombs, which can’t really get more descriptive that that. Lara brutally drags around helpless chickens by the neck, and she tosses them to explode on enemies or barriers.

The only one not related to fire is the “Lucky” ability, which causes enemies to more frequently drop rare loot.

But still… chicken bombs! I won’t tell you NOT to pre-order these, but don’t expect me to openly support it either. Keep those pre-order rates low please, and just remember, you’ll probably get them anyway when the PC and PlayStation 4 version launch next year.

Rise of the Tomb Raider will be available for the Xbox One on Nov. 10. In addition, Square Enix released a batch of concept art. Check that out below.