WARNING: This trailer has some rough language.

Readers might know I was not too big on the previous Tomb Raider reboot, but I’m slowly yet surely warming up to the newest one. A bit ironic, though, considering the icy climates this one will be playing out in.

This 15 minute “Siberian Wilderness'” gameplay demo from All Game Beta shows off Rise of the Tomb Raider at its most frigid. Our heroine Lara Croft does take down a few villains in her way before the game begins to channel the original Tomb Raider.

How so? Well, instead of using them against people, Lara must transform her murder skills into hunting skills. Yes, it’s hard to remember, but the main obstacles getting in Lara’s way in earlier adventures were not humans, but wildlife. A random boss fight or two aside, Lara only turned her pistols on our furry friends. I suppose the battle with the bear is supposed to spark those memories.

It sure did with mine. Rise of the Tomb Raider will be released on Nov. 10 for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One this holiday season.

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