bb10-londonWe’ve been hearing about RIM’s first BlackBerry 10 smartphone, code named London, for what seems like forever. Now, new images of the device have spilled onto the Internet. As you’ll immediately note, it doesn’t sport a full QWERTY keyboard – one of RIM’s redeeming product qualities in its BlackBerry smartphones. But we already knew its first device wouldn’t offer a keyboard. So what’s there to see?


Not much, really. The device isn’t powered on and all we can distinguish is a front-facing camera, apparent NFC support (note the gold nubs on the back of the battery door) and that RIM is obviously focused on creating a really nice looking device. Unfortunately, we’re not sure if this is final hardware or still a beta build of what’s to come. BlackBerry 10 is due out during the first quarter of next year, so expect to see this device surface in the coming months.

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