blackberry-london-teardownIt'll be months before a device like the BlackBerry London hits, but we know that models exist in the wild. Our early glimpses have been brief, unfortunately, limited to only a snippet of info about RIM's next wave of mobile handset. But a collection of new photos expose much more of the Waterloo company's all-touch device, and the design is already be considered "way better than the iPhone 5."

The teardown BisVN performed apparently reveals some interesting info: two color (white and black), dual-core processor, "pristine" IPS display, rear and front camera, and a "Time View" function for snapping photos.

There's not much to discern from the photos, and we only have what BisVN tells us to go on. Saying it looks way better than the iPhone 5 is a pretty hefty statement — the site's other notes of the teardown can be used to describe pretty much every other smartphone on the market. In any case, any glimpse of RIM's new kit is always welcome, and hopefully means the company is making progress on its next big mobile OS.

[via Crackberry]