Sony's gorgeous new adventure game for the PlayStation 4, Rime, has all the pinnings of an early console release classic. Images of ICO have been leaping into most longtime PlayStation fans' minds, and they are not too far from the truth.

A young boy washes up on the shore of what can only be a deserted island and soon finds himself touring lost ruins scattered throughout the land. Although, the inhabitants don't seem to like his presence, and he fights them off wildly. Or is he panicking? Are the ghostly figures he finds are just trying to help?

Rime is the personal project to launch alongside the console, as the PlayStation Blog explains. No huge explosions, annoying mascots, or armored knights guarding the fantasy realm. Not enough can be said about the beautiful art style that Sony has going for this lovely game. Graphical leaps do not always mean that photorealism is the answer.

No doubt the game is trying to recapture the emotional heights of previous Sony pet projects like ICO and Journey. PlayStation has a solid reputation these days for delivering beautiful little breaks from mindless shooting and stabbing, and Rime will be the answer Sony is looking for to carry that reputation over into the next generation.