Living, working, engaging and existing online has gotten tough over the years. Every site, every YouTube video and every message board is packed with posts and comments that range from friendly to vile and hit every note in between.

I know, I spend all day working online. You know, too, reader, you’re not blind.

Tequila Works Creative Director Raul Rubio spoke with Edge about their upcoming game, RiME. They’d gone dark after a reveal, and they decided to come at the game from an angle that made sense. While Rubio was working, he stopped cruising sites and forums for fan feedback. “When we emerged on the other side of the tunnel,” he told Edge, “we’re surprised and grateful about how patient fans have been.”

He went on a bit after that:

“Even so, if I had read Neogaf at the time the game probably wouldn’t exist. I spent some time six months ago going through two-and-a-half years of comments on Neogaf, and I was literally crying for two days. Partly because I just don’t understand the cruelty, but more importantly because I could see those years over those two days, and I began to understand that maybe people can love something so much that they can hate it.”

People on the internet are mean

It’s the nature of the beast. I can’t even imagine getting so attached to a project like a game and watching it and my work ripped to shreds in comment sections and on message boards. Thick skin? It’s a requirement.