BlackBerry Media box

What’s the best idea for a company many think is on its last legs? Why, jump into a pretty niche market you have no experience in and see what happens! Why doesn’t everyone do this?

RIM (Research In Motion) is rumored to be looking at building some sort of media streaming device to rival the Apple TV.  Rumored to be codenamd “The BlackBerry Cyclone,” the new device would feature HDMI out, Wi-Fi, Netflix access and more undisclosed features.  It is also said to be less consumer focused than the Apple TV which, in my mind, means that they would be building this for one lone guy that must own every device ever built.

Supposedly this would run on some version of QNX, the same software that powers the PlayBook, which also happens to fit with the strategy our own Jon Rettinger recently suggested may be the way for the company to survive.  However, somehow I don’t think any of us were sitting around thinking, “media streamer” as the device for it to run on.

Don’t get me wrong, I love media streamers and have a few different ones myself, but this is totally not where I saw RIM going in its attempts to save itself.  if this rumor proves to be true, I think we can safely say that the company has completely gone off the tracks and it should be happy anyone would consider buying it.

What do you think?  Is this the right strategy for RIM?

[image and story via N4BB]