BlackBerry App World board

Research in Motion has announced some changes to its BlackBerry App World service, including a new name. From January, just before the Canadian company launches BlackBerry 10, it will simply be known as 'BlackBerry World'. The new name paves the way for not just apps, but other content like music, movies, and TV shows as well.

The move will give BlackBerry World the chance to compete with rivals like Google Play and Apple's App Store and iTunes apps on iOS. Up until now, BlackBerry App World — as its name suggests — has offered only software. Not all BlackBerry owners will have access to music and videos, however.

Those with a BlackBerry 5, 6, 7, or 7.1 device will see the new store, but they won't be able to access music and videos. BlackBerry PlayBook owners will also see the new store, but they'll continue to access music and videos through the tablet's dedicated apps — as they always have done.

RIM promises to provide us with more information on BlackBerry World when it goes live in January.

[Via: SlashGear]