Android device in BlackBerry Torch 2 video

Things aren't exactly going well for RIM at the moment. Its BlackBerry devices are quickly losing the fight against iOS and Android smartphones, and one wrong move could mean it's checkmate. It probably wasn't a great idea, then, to release a new Torch 2 promotional video, showing off the new BlackBerry 7 operating system… featuring an Android device.

The video below was released — and very promptly pulled — by RIM last night. If you look closely at one of the devices that pops up a number of times in this video, you'll notice it sports a nice, glowing Android home button. In fact, at 17 and 27 seconds in, the device doesn't look at all like a BlackBerry.

I don't understand how the Android device ended up in this video. I mean, it's not like RIM was short of Torch 2 devices and had to bring in a double — there are plenty of them to be seen throughout the video. So why was the Android device needed?

I think at least one RIM employee is going to be in hot water today.

[via Engadget]