PlayBook OS 2.0In a new interview with PCMag, BlackBerry senior brand manager Jeff Gadway shared a few details about the upcoming PlayBook OS 2.0 update. The latest rumors suggest the software may hit as early as February 21, but it sounds like Mobile World Congress is the more likely timeframe. Gadway said code for the OS will arrive "very soon," and then automatically pushed to all PlayBook devices as a 400MB update.

PlayBook OS 2.0 promises to add features like email, contacts, calendar and the ability to run reformatted Android apps, which will be available in BlackBerry App World. Gadway also hinted at a potential PlayBook price drop in the future, telling prospective tablet buyers to "stay tuned" for upcoming news.

In addition, Gadway said, "We're still committed to a 4G PlayBook, and 2.0 is a large part of getting 4G right. A previous attempt into 4G waters were eventually nixed, but the next-gen network speeds are now becoming more widespread. If RIM does have a 4G tablet in the pipeline, it will more than likely have to contend with competition from Apple, who is expected to unveil its iPad 3 early next month with LTE in tow. RIM has previously struggled to make an impact on iPad sales, with the company writing off $485 million of value in 2011, PCMag said.

Keep your PlayBook handy over the coming weeks. Whichever date RIM decides to drop PlayBook OS 2.0 on, TechnoBuffalo will be sure to bring you all the coverage.

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