RIM HeadquartersIn an effort to bring BlackBerry 10 to market early next year, Research In Motion is reportedly mandating its Ottawa staff endure six-day work weeks. Hopefully this isn't a sign the company is farther behind than it originally thought.

Along with longer weeks, RIM is also limiting summer vacations, the OttawaCitizen wrote. A RIM spokeswoman said the company is "proud of the commitment shown by all RIM employees," while it continues to complete development on its next big mobile OS.

Developers, however, aren't thrilled about RIM's current situation. The company is currently struggling to create an ecosystem that can compete with the likes of Apple and Google.

"How is it possible that BB10 has got postponed once again?" developer Frank George said. "Does anyone at RIM actually believe that existing customers will sit around waiting for BB10 when all the other ecosystems are constantly evolving gaining marketshare? "How could you and RIM have told us developers for the last few months how close things were, to have got us (sic) this excited and then to wait for a quarterly earnings call to bitterly disappoint the only community that will, in the end, make BB10 sing?"

Developers and consumers aren't the only ones frustrated with RIM's current plight. Carriers are apparently demanding the company reduce fees it charges in order to access BlackBerry service, which is one of RIM's biggest annual revenue streams. During its latest earnings call, RIM reported a net loss of $518 million; a year before, the company raked in $695 million profit.

[via OttawaCitizen]