How would you like to see the future of technology? Well, a future according to RIM at least. A set of videos said to be commissioned by the Waterloo-based company have appeared online, demonstrating how technology could potentially evolve and shape our future.

At the rapid rate technology advances, would anyone really be surprised if we were headed in this direction? The videos revolve around the day-to-day use of mobile devices and PCs, and how technology can fade into the background while continuing to permeate throughout our surroundings.

While the images in the videos are obviously simulated, the sophisticated UI and futuristic vision is certainly something to admire. It's all very James Bond-esque; on the flip side, however, the pervasive employee monitoring is a bit unsettling, wouldn't you say? Is this something we can expect in ten, fifteen years?

It's unclear if the videos were meant for public viewing, as PocketNow says, but in any case, they're a fun watch.

Would you welcome a future like this?