Apple Wake up campaign

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion has confessed to being the orchestrator behind those embarrassing protests staged outside Apple retail stores in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.

The marketing stunt saw a coach-load of people dressed in black pull up outside the Apple store with signs that read "Wake Up." The group then proceeded to chant at customers and employees inside the store, and the news quickly made its way around the web.

It was initially believed that Samsung may have organized the protest as part of its promotion for its upcoming Galaxy S III smartphone. However, yesterday it was revealed that the Wake Up Australia website was actually linked to RIM.

This morning the Canadian company has owned up:

"We can confirm that the Australian 'Wake Up' campaign, which involves a series of experiential activities taking place across Sydney and Melbourne, was created by RIM Australia."

The stunt is actually part of RIM's promotion for BlackBerry OS 10, the company's next major release of the BlackBerry operating system, which is set to get its unveiling on May 7, according to the countdown on the Wake Up Australia website.

Are you looking forward to BlackBerry OS 10?

[via AppleInsider]