RIM Sign

We just met with Research In Motion to check out the BlackBerry 10 operating system, which will make its official debut on Jan. 10. What can we expect? Well, according to the company’s chief marketing officer, who spoke with Fierce Wireless, the firm will launch six devices in 2013. We trust the story from Fierce Wireless, but RIM was a little foggy when we asked the same question.

A spokesperson said that the number of devices, six, is correct. However, she also said that the time frame isn’t 100% accurate because RIM is still ironing out details on when the phones will launch. It’s possible, we surmise, that six models will launch around the world in 2013, but we might not see all of them in the U.S. In any case, we’re expecting both touchscreen and full QWERTY keyboards.

BlackBerry 10 is looking great folks, stay tuned for an in-depth walkthrough soon.