thorsten-heinsResearch In Motion is on life support. There's no denying it, especially after the company announced its next big mobile OS, BlackBerry 10, isn't arriving until 2013. Worse, the first fiscal quarter marked the company's first quarterly loss in eight years. Is RIM worried about the situation? Nope.

"There's nothing wrong with [RIM] as it exists right now," CEO Thorsten Heins told CBC Radio. (Wishful, very wishful.) "This company is not ignoring the world out there, nor is it in a death spiral." To that I say, "What about RIM's plummeting marketshare, which fell to 11.4 percent in May, according to comScore?"

Heins admitted to CBC Radio that the company is "challenged" at present — it has plans to lay off 5,000 employees — but that it's "in the middle of a transition." Going from best to worst is a heck of a transition, though Heins said the company will emerge from its dire position successfully.

You have to hand it to Heins, he always puts on a brave face. In the most unenviable position in the tech world, what more can he say? Perhaps an out is in the works, or a partnership of sorts. We want to see BlackBerry 10 come out, we really do. It's just that RIM has gotten our hopes up before, and I'm not sure its fan base can handle another disappointing delay.

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