BlackBerry London

The BlackBerry Colt looked set to be a turning point for RIM; the first smartphone to be powered by the BlackBerry 10 operating system, and the Canadian company’s last attempt at clawing back some of the market share it’s been losing to rivals like the iPhone, and Android-powered smartphones.

But according to multiple sources for and Boy Genius Report, RIM has already laid the BlackBerry Colt to rest, alongside the BlackBerry Milan (which wasn’t actually a QNX-powered device anyway), leaving just one BlackBerry 10-powered smartphone in development. That device is the BlackBerry London, according to the report:

We’re told carriers balked at the idea of carrying a BlackBerry 7 phone so similar to the BlackBerry Torch at this point in time. The only phone RIM is working on bringing to market right now is the BlackBerry London.

RIM is reportedly in the process of “shopping” the London with carriers. The device is said to look a lot like that in the image published by The Verge back in November (above) — which I must say is rather pretty — but with a number of slight changes to its design.

And if that wasn’t enough bad news for BlackBerry fans, BGR also reports that the upcoming Porsche-designed BlackBerry handset is a “complete disaster”:

Lastly, we got word that when representatives from Porsche Design showed up to RIM’s headquarters to check out the progress the company was making on the designed by Porsche BlackBerry 9900 for the first time, “it was a complete disaster.”

BlackBerry fans are used to having so much choice when they come to purchase a new smartphone, but with just one BlackBerry 10 device on the way, it seems that’s no longer going to be the case.

What do you think about this news? Can RIM save itself with just one BlackBerry 10 smartphone?

[via n4bbBoy Genius Report]