What you need to know

  • Rick and Morty is returning
  • Season 4 to air this November

We didn't know when this day would come, but it is finally here. Rick and Morty is returning for a fourth season in November, ending the near two-year wait since we last got new episodes.

The announcement was made via Twitter where Rick and Morty delivered the big news. Fans of the Adult Swim series have been eagerly awaiting an update on the series after its third season concluded in October 2017. After no updates in 2018, we finally got a set date for season 4.

Aside from the announcement, we didn't get any more details. We still don't know how long the season will be. Season 3 ran for ten episodes, so we're crossing our fingers the new season will match that number.

As more info comes out about the new Rick and Morty season, we'll be sure to pass it along.