Very few games are as odd, offbeat and wonderful as Rhythm Heaven. Well, not really offbeat, I suppose. Rhythm Heaven is on beat. Or maybe the downbeat. Whatever, you get the point.

Rhythm Heaven is weird. The Japanese intro video for the 3DS game has gone live, and it glosses over all the features within.

This game presents scenarios where easy button combinations pressed to the rhythm are all that is required to win. Maybe you’re volleying between airplanes, hitting holes-in-one, posing after a match or catching pineapples as they fall down stairs. Whatever the silly situation is, you better do it in rhythm.

Rhythm Heaven: The Best+ is the next entry for the series. It’s only coming to Japan so far, though we really hope Nintendo of America and Europe announce Western localizations soon. This game will include 70 classic Rhythm Heaven mini-games, as well as 30 brand new additions.

Rhythm Heaven: The Best+ will hit Japan on June 11, 2015. We’ll make sure to follow the game and find out if and when it will be localized for the west. Until then, maybe it’s time to think about importing. Silly region lock ruining all my fun!